Shopping for Hamster Supplies

How I Compare Products

Okay, so I received some questions on where I find my hamster supplies and tips. I've provided reviews on hamster products and my top picks. This page, I'll explain my process a little so that you can rest assured, you won't be missing out. I've already done the shopping for you!

My Shopping Rules

New or Used: I shop on sites that sell new and used products. However, I always prefer new products. If a product is just a few dollars off, I wouldn't risk getting someone's broken junk and having to return it. Therefore, I suggest mostly unused products on this site.

In Store or Online: While both are great choices, I usually shop online unless the item is too expensive to ship and can be found in stores. The price for shipping is the only deterant to shopping online. Online, I can take my time and compare. I have more choices, and often, online sales. Don't buy something inferior in store just because there are no other choices. You can always shop online, and then call to ask if the store holds the product to save money!

Price or Quality: I always start with the price. The products I suggest are always great prices. Then I consider the best product within the price range. This doesn't mean I would suggest a bad product though. Both price and quality are just as important.

My Supply Stores: I look for hamster supplies from big name stores: Pet Smart, Amazon, E-bay. I love how Pet Smart has their physical presence so I could drop in if I wanted to. I also love the variety on sites like Amazon and E-bay. Why not include other stores? It gets repetitive. These three companies are enough to provide the trust, competitive pricing, and range of products needed.

I've had many pets all my life. Just for Spider-ham, we have 5 different types of cages, some 20-30 accessories, and different commercial feeds and bedding. For me, it part of my joy of owning a hamster to see which products work the best for him!

I hope your hamster would love your choices. And hopefully my reviews will help you give you at least a starting point, if not an answer, to your shopping!

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