Hamster Teeth

Maintenance and Fixing

All rodents are defined by incisors (hamster teeth) that never stop growing. Besides for chewing, teeth are also used for carrying and digging as well. Learn how to protect this very important tool for your hamster.

*Disclaimer: I am not medically trained nor does this site present itself so. I offer facts, knowledge of options, and my experiences to help you recognize danger. When your hamster displays symptomatic behaviors, always seek a licensed vet's opinion. Save up a little stash for those times.

Teeth Anatomy & Function

A hamster has a total of 12 teeth. 4 pairs in the back and two pairs in the front. The gap between the back molars and front incisors allow larger foods to fit in the mouth and to the cheeks.

Hamsters need chew toys to file down their continually growing teeth. Many solid feeds rich in calcium will help, too.

Most importantly, the front teeth has to be aligned and the same length. A broken or misaligned teeth could mean your hamster cannot eat proper.

hamster teeth with yawn
CC Image courtesy jpockele on flickr

Hamster Teeth Conditions

Yellow Teeth. Being used to seeing white, sparkily teeth, I was alarmed to see yellow, almost brown looking teeth. Before you wipe out the tooth brush, relax, yellow teeth is harmless for hamsters.

Malocclusion or Broken Tooth. Malocclusion is a condition where your hamster's teeth doesn't grow in alignment. Regular teeth trims are needed for the hamster to eat properly. A broken tooth will need one trim. I've read some vets will do this for free. Call and check.

Teeth & Gum Infection. If you notice swollen mouth, you hamster may have an infection. Bring to doctor.


Teeth are vital to a hamster. Luckily, they are also very visible when something goes wrong. A quick visit to a doctor should clear matters up. Hope this page gives you more insight!

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