Hamster Tube Chew Toy

Hamsters will chew on everything...even their furniture. That's why pet designers created edible hamster tube chew toys!

Now, they can play and chew to their hearts content. And you won't worry that they'll get a tummy ache because it's totally safe!

And they are just adorable!

Edible Toys

Here are my favorite edible toys:
This tube is safe to eat. Inside contains fluffy cotton that critters love to use as nesting material.

See Super Pet Hamster Chewbular Play Tube, Medium, Colors Vary

These are just darling tube sets! One is a medieval castle set, one is a treehouse set, and last is a fruits and veggie set. Watch your pet devour these pieces, one by one!

See JW Pet Company Petville Castle Chew Tube for Small Animals

See JW Pet Company Petville Tree House Chew Tube for Small Animals

See JW Pet Company Petville Fruits and Veggies Chew Tube for Small Animals

These last two are both corn husk chew toys. The left tube is filled and will last a good deal of time. The right one is a soft hallow tube which your hammy may also use as a hideout...before he or she eats it!

See Super Pet Corn Husk Tube Chewable Hideout, Large See Living World Chew-nels, Corn Husk, Double

Top Questions:

  1. Creative name ideas?
  2. How long do they live?
  3. How much do they cost?
  4. How to convince my parents to let me get a pet hamster?
  5. Can you recommend a hamster breeder?