Hamster Tubes

When it comes to hamster tubes, it's just as much fun for you as it is for your hamster. And you know it!

You get to design the wackies, coolest, or twistiest tubings you want. From colorful, see-through tubes, to pods and look-outs, I'll show you the goods. You do the designing!

(Beware though, it's up to you to keep those tubes clean! A weekly or biweekly wash should do the trick!)

Hamster Tubes

Super Pet Tubes - Also Known As Fun-nels!

The most common tubes are the Super Pet tubes. Here are their pieces:

See Super Pet CritterTrail Fun-nels Assorted Tubes Super Pet CritterTrail Value Pack #2, Fun-nels Assorted Accessories
    ♦ Image on Left
  • 10" Straight Tube (yellow, left) - good for connecting distances
  • Bubble Plug (red, top) - close off loose ends with this bubble plug
  • Tee Tube (purple, center) - use the Tee to split and span
  • 1.75" Tube (green, center)
  • 3.5" Tube (blue, center)
  • Elbow Tube (green/red/yellow, right) - for 90 degree corners
  • Connector Rings (8 total, multicolor) - needed to connect each tube
  • ♦ Image on Right
  • U-Turn Tube (teal, bottom) - same as using two elbows

Above are the basic building blocks. However, you can also get more elaborate pre-set pieces like these below:

Super Pet CritterTrail Activity Accessory Kit

Super Pet CritterTrail Lazy Look-Out Accessory Kit 1

Ovo Habitrail Tubes

If you are using a Ovo Habitrail, consider these tubes.

Habitrail Ovo Cube

Habitrail Ovo Curve

Habitrail Ovo Den

Habitrail Ovo Elbow

Habitrail Ovo Lock

Habitrail Ovo Tee

Habitrail Ovo Tube

Habitrail Ovo U-Turn

Habitrail Ovo Window
Note: Super Pet tubes may not necessarily fit with Ovo Habitrail cages, and vice versa.

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