Hamster Videos

Pet Hamsters by Hamster Fans

Most hamster owners will contest that one of the greatest joys of having a hamster is watching it. They are simply the goofiest of small pets! These hamster videos are adorable, hilarious, and just, too cute!

...And they are all fan made! Does your hamster do cute or funny things, too? You can easily film your hamster with something like a phone camera. Upload on youtube and let me know to add your video!

In the meantime, enjoy these videos!

Cute Hamster Clips

cute hamster videos There are so many cute things that hamsters do without ever intending to be cute! Their clumsy scurry for food or tubing with cheeks full makes me chuckle all day long. And there are just moments that will make even the grinchiest person "aww" with emotion.

Check out these super adorable hamster clips!

Funny Hamster Clips

funny hamster videos Having a bad day? Turn that frown into a smile. These silly critters just love running into trouble. But they're not quitters either. They'll keep trying to get what they want. Just pick up a camera and you'll have something funny to record.

See these funny hamster clips.

Baby Hamster Clips

baby hamster videos Hamster babies are just so vulnerable, you'll feel the want to nuture them. It is amazing how fast they grow, too. Within a months time, a baby hamster will opens it's eyes, ears, grow fur, and start exploring.

They can be hard to film especially before they are weaned since the hamster mother can be very sensitive. Here are some rare clips that illustrates the growth of hamster babies.

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