Hamster Water Bottle

A hamster water bottle is an essential item for any hamster cage. Some owners report their hamsters died of dehydration from a faulty water bottle.

Bottle problems can happen, one way or another. It is of paramount importance to get a good water bottle and to use the bottle correctly.

Luckily, durable hamster bottles are cheap and plentiful. Here are some water bottle tips...

Fool Proof with Double Water Bottles
Hamster Water Bottle

Troubleshooting Water Bottles

Choose the right bottle for your cage

A lot of water bottles are meant for wire cages. They have a metal hanger to secure the bottle and tip that extends in the cage. If you have a modular cage or aquarium, make sure your bottle can be fitted for that cage. You may have to find a special bottle just for that type of cage.

Leaky Bottles

Water bottles have to be sensitive to release water. But some are downright leaky. Leaky bottles can lead to fatal accidents.

If you have a leaky bottle, my best advice is to replace it with a highly rated one instead. Don't risk using a defective bottle.

Double Bottles

Use two bottles as I do. Even if one is stuck or leaky, there's a backup. It also gives me more time to refill the bottles since there's twice the amount of water. Worry free!

Adjust Bottle to the Right Height

A bottle is useless if your hamster can't reach it. Make sure to put it so your hamster can reach it whether on four legs or hind legs.

Some water bottles hang directly above. I prefer an angled tip since it seems more natural and ergonomic for my hamster. :)

If you have pups, you must lower the water bottle so they can reach it. You can also provide small slices of apple to supplement their moisture!

Wash, Rinse, & Refill

To keep your water bottle sanitary, simply wash with clean water, rinse, and refill weekly.


A respectable water bottle can be found for less than $5, such as the Lixit Econo Hamster Water Bottle 8oz LB8. Be luxurious. Buy two, one for safety!

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