hamsters as pets

What are hamsters like as pets? How much do they cost? How long do they live?

Having hamsters as pets is not only a smart idea but a rewarding experience. They are compatible with busy adults. And they are safe and fun for children!

I've had many pets before, from dogs to chicks to chinchillas. In comparison, hamsters are cheap (really cheap), requires minimal maintenance, and are still fun and cute.

If you're on the fence on whether hamsters are perfect for you and your family, read the articles below to get a better idea about what pet hamsters are like!

Ten Cool Things About Hamsters?

hamsters as pets: the hamsters From budget to size to cuteness, it just makes sense! Hamsters are one of the best pets for children and busy adults. Even though small in size, they are just as much fun as other pets.

Here are 10 reasons why hamsters are super pets!

How Much Will Pet Hamsters Cost You?

hamsters as pets: pet hamsters One of the biggest perks of having hamsters as pets is the affordable cost! The initial pet purchase and the subsequent food and bedding costs are low. Compared to a puppy or kitten, it's almost too good to be true. And don't forget, you can always make homemade items, too. I use homemade toys and snacks all the time!

What is the least amount I could spend while still maintaining a healthy and happy hamster?

Pet Gerbils Vs Hamsters Showdown!

hamsters as pets: pet gerbils Okay, we know you've been wondering about this. Pet Gerbils Vs. Hamsters, which is the best? Hamsters definitely are not the only rodents in the pet market. In fact, James and I are big fans of other small animals (esp. rats and hedgehogs!). So how do hamsters as pets fair out against other rodent pets?

Uh Oh. Let's get ready to see a match: Pet Gerbils Vs Hamsters

How Long Do Hamsters Live?

hamsters as pets: how long do hamsters live? Hamsters don't live as long as bigger animals, dogs and cats. But it's the fullness of life that really matters. And having a pet that doesn't require a 15 year commitment might have its benefits (especially when children are the primary care taker). How long will your hamster live?

Consider how long would be ideal for you AFTER you read this article...

How to get a free hamster and supplies, too?

hamsters as pets: free hamster In these economic times, it's a luxury to cough up a few hundred bucks for most pets. Luckily, hamsters are, well...cheap!

You can also significantly lower your hamster cost by adopting a free hamster and getting extra supplies.

They're practically begging for takers, learn why...

Having trouble finding Hamsters for Sale?

hamsters as pets: hamsters for sale There are many good reasons you may be looking for hamsters for sale, i.e. breeding, species, temperment, coat, age, and health. Hamsters are popular, no kidding, but sometimes you might have trouble finding the particular hamster you want.

Here are some tips to help you know what to look for and tips on how to find them.

Start the search for your new hamster now...

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