Hamsters For Sale

What to look out for when searching for a new hamster

There are plenty of hamsters for sale but you want to have a clear idea about what to look for and then how to find it. Let's start off by learning what to consider...

What to consider

Age & Health. Make sure to ask how healthy and old the hamster you're considering may be. Usually, you won't have a problem here.

Species. There are 5 main pet hamster species: Syrian, Campbell, Roborovski, Winter White, Chinese.

Coat. There are many bedazzling coat colors, patterns, and textures. You can try to find one by finding a local breeder.

hamsters for saleImage Courtesy of Necrocake on Flickr

Temperment. Often times, a breeder can account for a pup's physical traits but not its behaviors. Luckily, some breeders specialize in breeding for temperment. You'll have to search extra hard for a local breeder with this level of focus.

Ways to find your ideal hamster

Local Pet Store. This is the easiest and safest choice. Visit and see what they have. They probably won't carry the exotic varieties. If you don't see the ones you like, ask if they can order it for you.

Your Network. Ask friends of friends or the like if they know anyone that sells the hamsters you like. Chances are, other families have owned hamsters before. See what they say.

Local Breeders. You can post an inquiry or search the postings from sellers. A site such as craigslist or yellow pages might do the trick.

Hopefully, you got some ideas on what to look out for and where to trying finding your perfect pet. Have fun searching!

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