What Are Hamsters?

Before they were pets...

We all think we know what hamsters are, but what are they really? If you're anything like me (a proud nerd! :D), you want to find out more about these deceptively agile creatures.

When I first adopted, Spider-ham, I simply thought he was cute and hoped he wouldn't bite me. After learning more about his natural instincts and curious history, I had a lot more respect for the little guy and his kin!

In this section we will look at the history, natural lifestyle, and even the scientific classification of our hammies. You'll learn interesting, and sometimes, surprising facts to share with your family and friends! You'll also get begin to get an idea on how best care for your pet.

How did hamsters become pets?

hamsters were brought from the east to west

Ever wonder where your hammy comes from before the pet store? There are thousands of other rodents known to mankind. So why are they one of the most popular pets in places like North America, UK, France, Indonesia, Netherlands, and Germany? Where do they come from?

How did these rodents become our pets?

How Did The Wild Ones live?

rocky terrain where hamsters struggle to survive

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction! For little creatures that seem so fragile and gentle, they can survive in deserts, sub-zero degrees, with food and liquid shortages, and predators waiting.

It seems impossible for a human to live in those conditions, let alone a cute little creature that could fit in your palm. How do they survive? How have they adapted? And what strange survival traits do they bring into your home?

What are their natural behaviors?

What is their relationship with other living organisms?

animalia: polar bear

In the scientific classification, from polar bears to bacterias, all living organisms start in the same group: Life. But from then on, each life form are divided into groups with other life forms very similar to themselves.

It's interesting to know that, at some point, hammies sit naturally in the same group as whales! What other interesting relationships do our pets share? And how are they special and unlike any other group?

How are they classified?

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