How do I convince my parents to let me get a pet hamster?

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How do I convince my parents to let me get a pet hamster?

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Apr 18, 2013
Asking your parents to buy a hamster...
by: Tiffany

Minors may need a parent or guardian's permission to get a hamster as some stores refuse to sell to children.

Even if you're an adult, if you're living with others, it's a good idea to make sure they would embrace your pet, too.

First of all, make sure you're in good standing with your parent. If you have a poor record with your parents, chances are, they will say no.

Have you broken promises? Behaved poorly? Bad grades? etc.?

If you have those issues, make it alright. And do it because it's the right thing to do. The point is to build trust and responsible.

Then, before you ask, make sure you've done all the research. You know exactly

- how much you need to spend on the hamster: food, supplies, cage, toys, etc.
- how to clean it
- how to handle your hamster, treat it well, and keep it from getting sick.
- etc.

You should know how to do everything and not depend on parents to do it for you.

You can create a power point, summary report, or schedules, to demonstrate that you know what to do.

All this information can be found on this site, by the way ;)

Ask now with all your research ready to present. Most likely, you'll do fine.

Some reasons, parents may turn you down:
- They're afraid you'll get distracted and your grades will go down. (You just have to demonstrate that you can handle your priorities.)
- They can't afford the extra cost. (See this page for a estimate cost. Hamsters are really affordable.)
- They don't trust that you'll be able to handle a pet. (Go back to your research here. Demonstrate you have the capacity.)
- There may be other pets in the house such as cats. (Designate a safe area to place your hamster cage.)
- You don't have clear space. (Make it. Clean!)
- Your parents don't like the idea of a rodent in the house. (Show pictures to them. Your parents may be imagining a rat which could be more intimidating to some. Hamsters don't have long tails. Their paws are small, soft, and pink. They are round and cute.)
- They think it will die too quick. (Read this page on how long hamsters can live for for tips.)
- Someone is allergic. (Okay, that's too bad for you, then. Don't buy a hairless hamster for this reason because people will still be allergic to them.)

IF your parents still turn you down:
There may be a reason you don't know. Find out. But don't throw a fit or beg or try to force them into giving in. Be patient. Tell them you want to work with them and find a solution. :)

I hope this helps. Please post if you have a unique situation. We may be able to tackle it together!

Sep 02, 2013
my mom just says NO WHAT DO I DO?!?!??!?!?!
by: Anonymous

every time i bring up a pet she just says no....she doesnt want another life n her hands because i apperently wont take care of it.......i researched and everything but all she does is yell at me for wasting time researching.......... i just turned 13 and want her to know im ready and responsible...

Nov 10, 2013
by: amanda

my mom is ok with me getting my own pet but not my dad I tried doing a power point and it didn't work and I did a report and I tried everything it said to do now what?

Nov 11, 2013
When parents still refuse...
by: Tiffany

Sorry that it can be frustrating when you're passionate about having a hamster of your own yet not getting the support from your parents.

It's great that you tried to prove your readiness by creating a powerpoint. I just wonder what were the reasons your parents gave you for refusing to buy you a pet. Find out why. And then figure how you can overcome it.

Hope this helps.

Nov 26, 2013
parents could use these against you
by: Antonia

to do your homework
clean up
make your bed
clean your hamster out

they're not afraid to do that because they will take it from an expert

Nov 26, 2013
Why Parents Say No
by: Antonia

they say no because they dont want you to get hurt i know this because i listened to this web site and told me how to convince them and it worked and then i got one but then he died and my heart broke and thats why their not trying to be mean they just cant sit their and watch you get hurt please reply back to tell me if this helped or not

thank you

Nov 26, 2013
Emotional attachment
by: Tiffany

Thanks for your comment Antonia. That's a really good point I didn't think about. Your parents may be afraid of how you feel when your hamster dies from old age. Parents always try to look out for you.

So I think the best thing to do is talk to them and find out what they are thinking.

Antonia, I'm glad my website has helped you get your hamster. Thank you for your insights!

Dec 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

great at what you do

Jan 03, 2014
i want a hamster!!!!!!!
by: i want a hamster

my parents always say no. ive told them to think about it. no. they say that i have too many pets but i only have 2 cats, hermitcrabs and fish. what can i do????????

Jan 05, 2014
by: Anonymous

Help! My mom says yes to the pet but my dad says maybe . He said that I can't handle a pet properly ,but I can ( I am 13). I have had fish in the past to try to show that I am responsible, I cared for the fish perfectly ,but my dad still uses it against me. He even said that he probs. wouldn't say yes.
Ps. I have all A's, I'm super neat,i already have a spot for the hamster cage,and I have a list on what I would have to get.

Jan 14, 2014
Annoying got to read!!!!! !(
by: Anonymous

My dad said yes to a hamster and a cage and all the toys for ££40 and my mum said you have a fish you don't need a hamster aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! It's soooo annoying

Jan 16, 2014
by: tyler

all you need is a lot of patience and presistance. dont bring up topic too much or presure your parents too much or they will say NO

Jan 22, 2014
we want hamsters!
by: maisie

You want a hamster right? So you ask your parents they say no, you get annoyed because hamsters are the only pet your allowed so if your hamster dies before your birthday and you can't decide what you want for your bday just ask your parents for a hamster and if they say OK but do you want anything else? If they let you get a new cage and hamster it can be easy but it is sometimes hard because many parents are stuborn I hope this works it did for me!

Jan 27, 2014
always saying no
by: Anonymous

my mom says i can't get one because "they are a rodent". i have been asking for one forever what do i do?

Feb 09, 2014
by: lily jane

My dad has moved out and won't let me have a pet as I don't live with him and I can't convince him to get one any ideas?

Feb 15, 2014
grandpas & grandmas
by: goofy

Just ask Ur GRANDMAS & GRANDPAS they always say YES & if they say ask Ur parents say can u please?!?! And they say no u ask them Ur self. So u do what they say & ask them, ask them & say grandma & grandpa said yes. But that only works if u have a good relationship with Ur parents.

Worked with me:-)

Feb 17, 2014
please help me!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I have 1yr and 1/2 of researching, asking and begging cleaning my room and everything but my parents still say no please help me im really sad because i have always wanted 1 and i even offered to sell my phone and disconnect it HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 22, 2014
Pet lover
by: Pet lover

I really want a hamster.All my parents say is no they are rodents(only just turned 9 I am not so responsible)I really want one I never had one before.I said to my mom and dad what if I get 10 tests and I get them all right can I get one then but they still said no!!!!What do I do?!!!!!!!!

Mar 01, 2014
Thank You!
by: Braveheart

Thank you so much for these tips! Here are mine;

Make sure to help around the house so you show you are mature and responsible. If you have other pets looking after them could help too. Not too much though, or your parents could use that against you.

Make a promise sheet. So your mum can realise you are serious. Tell her that if you don't do these she has the right to take the hamster from you. It'll motivate you too!

That's all for now. Doing my presentation tomorrow, I'll tell you how it goes!

Mar 03, 2014
wanna hamster?
by: liana kirby

it is sooo easy i am only 9 too. my mum took me to pets at home to look at the pets but my dad is easy to fool so i asked for a hamster. then he bought them and my mum had no choice!!!!

Mar 14, 2014
How to get a hamster
by: Anonymous

Ask your dad if you want one

Apr 06, 2014
'we'll see' they said.
by: hammie0110

They just said 'do your jobs' I'm telling everyone so that my parents have to get me one to not let me down. This will be my second hamster but that was 2 years ago I have Hammie. I'm thinking of names... maybe kitkat or bibble or even coco.

They have just through the door and said I'm getting one in 2 months time. Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!

May 10, 2014
I want my first hamster
by: Anonymous

I want my first hamster but my mom is creeped by them.But my dad is still thinking about it. How do I convince them to convince them to let me get one.

May 19, 2014
My parents say NO!
by: Anonymous!!!

My mom all she says is NO! I explain to her everything (How cheap everything is etc.) all she says is NO!

May 25, 2014
My grandparents won't let me
by: Anonymous

So I asked my dad if I can have a hamster and he said yes but I live with my grandma and grandpa and my dad said I have to ask them to I asked but then they keep saying no.HELLP!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 03, 2014
i want a hamster
by: Anonymous

ok I showed her a pic if a hamster and told her how cheap they are and she still said NO I don't know what to do plz help

Jun 03, 2014
i want a hamster
by: Anonymous

Ok my mom just will not get me a hamster plz help I want one so bad I sometimes fail a assignment but she does help I think it is her fault to and don't always do my homework but I did have a fish but I died because it was old I fed it and cleaned its cage it want one so bad so can you give me advise plz and help me get a hamster

Jun 09, 2014
I'm getting a hamster but i don't when !
by: Salma

First , i asked my mom and she said that if your dad accept you can buy a hamster ! And then i asked my dad on the first time he said no ! than he said i will think about it because i've always had good grades . Finally he said yes ! Like i was so exited to have a cute hamster ! He said i will buy you one soon ! But i want to buy it this week because he's going to travel on sunday ! What should i do to convince him to buy me a hamster this week ! Help me please ! :*

Jun 11, 2014
i'm getting a hamster soon
by: ben khelifa salma

first i asked my mother and she said if your dad accept you can have a hamster . and when i asked my dad he said no ( that was on the first time) and i asked him another time he said i will think about it finally he accepted (because i've always had exellent grades) , but the problem is that i don't know when he will buy it for me he said soon in this week and he's going to travel on saterday i hope that he will take to the pet store tomorrow or today afternoon !

Jun 17, 2014
my mom wont allow me to get a hanster
by: chole

I really want a hamster and my dad allow but mom does not!! I have done a lot of research but my mom still doesn't allow me. I have tried borrowing books about hamster to show how much I want a hamster but still my mom say no!

Jun 18, 2014
i really want one but they say NO
by: Anonymous

the other day i was at my brothers baseball game and i was talking to my friend. she has 2 hamsters and she was telling me how easy it was to take care of them and my mom heard but when i asked her after she said no and so did my dad. they know i am responsible for one and how i know so much about them but they still say no. what should i do?

Jun 18, 2014
i really want one but they say NO
by: Anonymous

the other day i was at my brothers baseball game and i was talking to my friend. she has 2 hamsters and she was telling me how easy it was to take care of them and my mom heard but when i asked her after she said no and so did my dad. they know i am responsible for one and how i know so much about them but they still say no. what should i do?

Jun 19, 2014
i want a hamster
by: Nithya

My mom and dad always say no. Is there any way I can get a hamster or any other pet. I don't have any pets.

Jun 21, 2014
by: Jorja

I Asked My Mom First (she Said No) Then I Came To This Website And Did All Of That She Ignored Me!! Then I Asked My Dad And He Said We'll See! What Does That Mean A Yes Or A No?!Now I Showed Him All My Research And He Said Maybe. Now What?

Jul 04, 2014
Persuading parents about pet hamster advice
by: Anonymous

How on earth can I get my parents to say yes. They know I am incredibly responsible, I have great grades, keep the house clean and know how to take care of other living things. I've done so much research on having a pet hamster and in general, never go to my parents about something I want unless; I've done extensive research, have enough money to pay for everything, am completely sure that I want it and have thought how the situation would effect me longterm and if I' willing to handle any conditions or possible consequences. My first thing my parents said was that we are never home because me and my sibling have activities. Well I'm home way more than them because I don't drive my siblings to their sports or stay at work late or anything like that. Yes I do work so I make money, play a sport and volunteer regularly but I already know that I have ample time to care for a pet, especially a little hamster which is nocturnal. Their next comment was that I'm going to college in two years and they don't want to be stuck with it, so I said that hamster generally live 2-3 years and I could definetly find a family friend or relative willing to look after it, plus my siblings will be older at that point that they could be mature enough for the responsibility. They then said that my dad is allergic to cats and dogs so they dont want an animal in the house but I don't think hamsters effect allergies to the extent of cats and dogs so I don't think that would be a problem, plus the hamster would be in my room (which is always kept clean and has a good amount of space for a hamster habitat and place to store supplies). Then they said they don't want to pay for anything and I said I make my own money, am responsible with spendings, and don't buy things unless I really want or need them (I hate clutter and don't recklessly buy things for myself). Then they said because I travel for tournaments for softball over the summer (only ever on weekends)that I wouldn't be able to have it but Ive already spoken with neighbors and friends who have experience with pets and hamsters specifically and they would be willing to watch it for a weekend. Plus most of my tournaments are local and I only ever need to stay in hotels for a tournament for two or three of them. Then they said they don't want to deal with the smell and I just gave them a look, they know I hate messes, hate bad smells and would without a doubt clean the hamster cage. I've read that you should clean it at least once a week but I would honestly do it more and change the spot where the hamster goes to the bathroom everyday. I am a neat person and they know that dirty, smelly messes bother me so much and I'm very independent and can handle things. Then they said they had pets when they were kids and hated it and don't want to deal with them again. I told them that they need to stop living in the past and let me do something that can teach me responsibility early on. Then they finished it with not wanted a living thing in the house and said they never want the topic being brought up again. I don;t know what to do. I constantly brought the topic up for years and no where the line is on being pushing and annoying but I really want a pet and am willing to deal with the responsibilities but they just won''t let me. To be honest I think it bothers them that I am much more independent than they are. Please help. Thanks!

Jul 14, 2014
So upset!!!
by: Anonymous

I have always wanted my own pet to care for. We have 2 dogs but they r family pets. It may sound weird but I luv the sound of having to clean and care for it all by myself. I have made a power point, wrote a letter and dun a hole folder on hamsters
Saying prices, how to care for them, types of hamster, life span etc. I have even cleaned the perfect space where the cage could go (out of dogs reach) but when i mention a hamster all my parents do is get moody and say no! Wot else can I do?!
Many thanks!

Jul 31, 2014
by: Funguy112

I'm 12 and me and my sister were gonna get a hamster like 7years ago but we got Guinea pigs instead. I wanna work in the animal field and my parents respect that, but I have 5 fish I love with all my heart and there in a huge tank that I can't lift so my dad cleans it and I help (it's like 120lbs) I'm more responsible then when we had guinea piggys but a hamster is a wee bit easier to take care of and my fish kinda don't like me anymore (don't ask) but with my fish my parents won't let me have a hamster, so I'm confused, I can do chores and power points and pay for supplies and take care of it. But they don't trust me :( suggestions please?

Aug 07, 2014
by: I<3Rodents

I got my first hamster, Nibbles, by just doing lots and lots of work voluntarily. After months of doing work both my parents said I could get one so maybe just try to do work without someone telling u to do it. I also researched them a lot and I only showed them the cutest pics of hamsters so they can see that they aren't pests but cute pets. I originally wanted a ferret, but my mom is afraid of them, so I tried a smaller rodent and he finally realized that they would be a great pet. Hope this helped😊🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nov 02, 2014
by: taylor

hi its taylor and I used to have hamster called nibbes but then he died but then now I have decided to get a new one and at first my parents kept on say no no no but now ive narrowed it down to ok so im happy and all you have to do is ask then iff no then keep trying and show them all your research that you may of made.

Nov 14, 2014
by: joshua

Why cant I get a hamster? I asked millioons of times so I reaseared but my mom still says NO WHY CANT I GET ONE WHY?????????????!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 22, 2014
I have to when I get older?!
by: Anonymous

My parents say that I can get a hamster when I grow up. I' m like are you kidding me?! Cuz like I think I can take care of it cuz their is a guinea pig at school and it is easy to take care of and I want a hamster really bad, so those tricks I hope I can do so wish me luck!

Jan 17, 2015
Hammy lover;)
by: Anonymous

Ive ben reading about hamsters for a long time. And i know a loooot about hamsters. Well, a week ago i asked my mom if i could have a syrian hamster. And she said YES:) She said, that she knows, that i would be a great owner. And that she didn't like the little tail they have, but she would learn to like it when I'm getting one:)
What i did was: Talking with her about it. And then i made a book with all the things i know about it, so she could learn about hamsters and see how much I've learned about them. If your parents says no, keep on reading about it. And you can maybe make a book. But if your parents keep says no, don be angry ( i know its hard!) They want the best for you and maybe right now is just not the time for getting a hamster...

May 20, 2015
I am getting a hamster
by: hamster lover

My mom is letting me get a hamster!!!!!! You guys made it all happen. Thank you so much!!!!!!:)

May 20, 2015
I want a fluffy hamster
by: I wan a fluffy hamster

I want a hamster but everybody want me to get a chinchilla even my mommy and daddy and I'm working harder in school and getting more money to pay for everything I need

Jul 23, 2015
I want a hammy whammy
by: I wants a hammy

I want a hamster really bad but my mom said no and I don't know how to convince her please hel I want a hamster and I even told her it was cheap. My two older sisters got their own hamsters when they were little and I don't even get a hamster???? NOT FAIR plz someone helppppp

Jul 29, 2015
"NO,NO,NO Hamsters!" - Mom&Dad
by: Anonymous W

I wrote an essay and I did research I chose the type of hamster and all the supplies and I ask my parent can I get a hamster but all they say is: "NO, No hamsters, guinea pigs, no pets ate all! You have a dog and fishes." -Mom&Dad


Aug 03, 2015
I'm scared
by: Layla

I'm scared to ask my parents to get a hamster. I have asked them if I could get a pet lots of times. Whatever animal it is their only reason for me not to have it is,"it stinks."

Sep 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

To convince your parents to get you a hamster try offering to pay for ot your self. Or doing a report in them. Or helping with out being asked, build trust and confidence with your parents. you want them to trust you right? Clean your room, do your home work, watch your younger siblings. Then calmly bring up hamsters ( dont flat out say "I WANT A HAMSTER") just talk about how cute and fun they are. then comes the hurdle say " wouldnt it be fun to have a hamster? do you think I could get one please? One last thing, dont beg begging is a sure fire way to get them to say no.

good luck :)

Sep 13, 2015
by: me

I need help, we have cats dogs and two fish, I REALLY want a hammy but I don;t think my parents are gonna let me, I can pay for her myself, where I live we collect big plastic bottles of water and we give them to people who give us 5 dollars a bag, whoever collects them gets the money. I have five bottles already, my dad said maybe, but then he said to wait a few years:( I want to change his mind and I haven't asked my mom yet, ADVISE PLEASE!!!!!

Sep 13, 2015
by: me

we already have several pets, but none of which are little animals(hamsters rabbits guinea pigs etc.) just dogs and cats. i REALLY want a hammy but I don't think my parents will let me, I can pay for her myself but I still don't know. I asked my dad and he said maybe, but then he said to wait a few years and see how many pets we have:( I haven't asked my mom yet but I wanna change my dad's mind and convince my mom, HELP!!!!

Oct 13, 2015
keep saying no no matter wat
by: hamsters rule!

hi im new to this and i was asking my mom and dad if i could have a hamster but they said no because my last hamster i had(when i was 5)died and i cried and my parents had to calm me down. so anyways i keep asking every month and the last time i asked they yelled as loud as they could NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cried because i dont like getting yelled at so plz help

Dec 15, 2015
by: rylie

i would like a hamster soooooooo bad i've never had a pet before why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

I m planning to ask my parents for a hamster in my bday but I don't know how. I hve done researches abt hamsters, cleaned my study room n my bedroom. My dad loves pets but my mom doesn't. I just don't know how to approach them.....

Dec 30, 2015
WHAt should I do
by: Valencia

I am extremely responsible I am neat and I get straight A's I used other sites and they say make a PowerPoint presentation or do chores and take care of other pets I made a eassy and even wrote "please don't instantly say no" but when she when to sleep I put it in her bag when I called her about it she said no I don't think she even read it I think she saw the word hamster then said no to day I cleaned all the dishes ,cleaned my room, my parents room, and the living room and kitchen WITHOUT help and I always pay attention to my 2 dogs and when I asked my mom why she said no she didn't answer she just ignored me someone please tell me what I can do ps: my parents are really strict/some what mean

Jan 10, 2016
by: Hamster lover

I have had 2 when I was little but they died fast and I want to show my mom I have responsibility now but they say no and make me remember my old ones and tell me you already have a dog and my fish is old so what do I do😟😟

Jan 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

if you are little write paragraphes on the good side of having a hamster keep your room clean to show you can keep care of something

Jan 27, 2016
hamster tips :D
by: Anonymous

Hamsters are definitely awesome. Lots of kids want one. Don't ask too often though. Parents won't really change their minds in 1 day. Bring the topic up every once in a while and each time say some stuff that you have learned. If your parents get grumpy, stop. If they are concerned about something like it costing too much, save up your allowance if you a have one or save money, showing them that you will contribute. Do not ask more than once right after you already asked just because. Be patient and maybe get a house plant or sea monkeys first to show that you care, but don't tell them that you got them to prove you can take care of a pet, because they might die. Keep waiting and maybe buy a book if your parents let you about hamsters with your own money in front of them.
I really want a hamster too. Also don't tell your parents you want one because they are cute and fluffy, drop in a fact on how pets help kids and the whole family. Hope this helps and wish me luck. :D

Mar 21, 2016
My dad hates them
by: Anonymous

I need help so badly so here's the thing I want a hamster so badly and I've had them in the past and they were not the nicest ones and that has made my dad hate them so much and think they are horrible things that smell and bite

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