How to care for hamsters

The first weeks

Even experts have to take their time with a new hamster. The easy instructions below shows you how to care for hamsters in their first few weeks with you. Get to know your pet and properly introduce yourself to him or her.

1. Let your hamster be

After you set your new hamster up in the cage with adequate water and some food, leave it alone. Your hamster is probably terrified. Allow it a few days to scent its habitat and settle down. Refill food but don't try to handle it yet.

2. Daily Dos?

  • Refill the food.
  • Scrap out the wet bedding at the corner where your hamster urinates.
  • Take out really old food if any.

how to care for hamsters
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3. Form a relationship

Ease into handling your hamster:
  1. Talk/sing to it 10-15 minutes without touching. Let it get used to your voice.
  2. Open its cage door. Hold a treat at the cage door with your hand. Call your hamster's name. Your hamster should come to you. Don't force it.
  3. When your hamster is at ease coming to take a treat. Pet your hamster.
  4. Move to picking up the hamster, preferrably with two hands. One for support, one for petting.
It may be scary at first but after the first few times, you'll be able to enjoy your time together. (There are good times and bad times though. Learn what body languages to watch out for to avoid getting bit.)


This can take over weeks. Go at a pace you and your pet seems comfortable with. There's no rush. It is always a good idea to spend at least 15 minutes with your hamster. Let it become familiar and safe with you.

After that, there are more fun things to do with your hamster. Have fun!

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