I would reccommed this pet without a second thought!!!

by Can't say, sorry!

Exactly a week ago, I went to the pet shop to pick a hamster. In the bottom cage, which had no wheel or toys, a Chinese hamster was running around. Her little sister was asleep, but she was digging and jumping around in a hamsters usual, adorable manner. I chose her, and Named her Bella. She trusts me loads already, and is taking food from my hand. I set aside ten minutes every day for taming and the results are very pleading!!! I LOVE HER.
She's also very fun to watch, she adores her wheel and has been on top of it multiple times, just for fun. She comes when I make a noise, now, and she had a series of tunnels around her cage. I've got her Omlets Qute Hamster cage and she loves it.
If you do get a chinise dwarf hamster (or any other type of hamster) make sure to give them deep bedding, ideally up to their height when stood up or more!!!
Hope this helped!!

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