Best Medium to Large Hamster Cage Review

Medium to large hamster cages can range from $25 to $50. You'll find many quality cages here that provide expansion possibilities, come in different styles, and offer a good living space for your hamster.

Here are several different but quality hamster cages within $25 to $50:

Dwarf Hamster
Cage Chart
Price Space Quality Expansion Clean
Aquarium Tank Medium Good Good Possible Easy
Ovo Habitrail Cristal Moderate Small Good Available Not Easy

The Hamster Aquarium is a hamster owner's favorite. It's easy to clean, provides maximum visibility, durable, simple, and gives your critter room to run around. Here I have the 10 gallon tank size that is recommended for a pet hamster.

See Deep Blue Professional 11010 Glass Standard Aquarium Tank, 10-Gallon

My only two grumbles is that it could be dangerous for children to handle, especially if they are cleaning it. It may be heavy and clunky to carry around. So always supervise when cleaning. Because it is glass, there is always the probablity that it will shatter and cause injury.

My second grumble is that I just like wire cages: opening the cage door, all the tubing and fun stuff, etc. But that's just trivial stuff. This is a solid cage!

My second medium priced cage is actually small on it's own. Yup, it's an Ovo product. So it is good quality and beautiful looking. You are expected to buy add ons to expand your hamster's cage experience.

See Hagen Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat

The tank may be more practical, but this cage will challenge your designing abilities!

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