Long Haired Hamsters

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Meet the Long Haired Hamsters. These are Teddy Bear Hamsters with long hair genes. Long fur can grow an inch longer than normal. This trait can be found in combination with any color.

This type of fur may require just a little more grooming than other pets. A gentle comb once a week can be a lot of fun!

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long haired hamsters on couch
CC Image courtesy of Carolyn Coles on everystockphoto.com

he's one of those long haired hamsters
My Spiderham letting his ruffled long hair today.

Two long furred hamsters, one with a skirt and the other with long hair all around.
A simple instructional video on how to brush a hamster's long hair to prevent it from becoming matte.


  • An inch longer in hair length.
  • Hair may need to be combed to keep from being tangled with bedding and other things.
  • Long hair tends to be from the body and not in the face or ears. So you can still see their cute face clearly!
  • Long hair can be found in any color and patterns. Gene can also be found partially such as long somewhere but not the entire body.
  • Long fur may be thought of as an exotic trait. But you can probably find a local breeder selling long furred hamsters.
  • The hair combed out can make the hamster appear to wear a skirt. When the hair is not combed out, the hamster may look extra fluffy.

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