Names for Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

Use these cute Chinese names for your hamster!

Chinese Dwarf Hamsters have unique looks and temper to offer. Here are some names to match such a special creature!

Chinese Dwarf Characteristics

Chinese Dwarves have a long tail compared to other pet hamsters (about 1 inch long). They are longer and slimmer, as well. They are usually gray or brown. They also have a more ratlike appearance, from head shape to tail length.

Chinese names are a lot of fun when translated. For example, I nicknamed my family dog "Fai Ju", literally meaning "Fat Pig". But not literally, it's a cute, affectionate (and funny) nickname meaning similar to "Chubs" or "Chubbie".

If you're not sure if a Chinese name actually makes sense, ask a friend or you can post below. Someone might have an idea!

chinese dwarf hamsters

Chinese Names: Chinese Hamsters originate from the country lands in China, sometimes harsh conditions. Here are some real Chinese names: xiao bai (little white), xiao pang (little fat or chubby), Bao Bao (Bun Bun), Mei Mei, Ling Ling, Mu Lan, Shui (water), Jing Jing,

Gray Coat Names: Gray, Cloud, Dust, Haze, Steel, Onyx, Silver, Moonie, Grayson, Ashley, Misty, Shadow

Brown Coat Names: Auburn, Brownie, Chestnut, Chocolate, Nestle, Fudge, Hershey, Biscuit, Hazel, Rustie, Sandy

Tail Related Names: Tailie, Pinky, Stubbies, Stringie, Clingie

Size Related Names: Skinny, Pinkie nose, Ratty

Solitary Lifestyle Names: Solo, the One

What Have You Named Your Chinese Hamster?

Share what you named your hamster below. Tell us why you named him or her that and what are some other good names you considered?

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