Names for Russian Hamsters

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Russian Hamsters are friendly and lovely. Here are some ideas for names tailored just for them!

Russian Dwarf Characteristics

The Russian or Campbell Hamsters are one of the four dwarf hamster species. Their coats are in brown and gray shades and white underside. They also have a dorsal stripe down their backs.

They are considered to be even in temper and great for beginning hamster owners!

What are some good names that would highlight the features of this species?

russian hamsters

Russian Names. Campbells are not exclusive to Russia. Another name for them is the Djungarian hamster, which is a location in Kazakhstan. Here are some common and beautiful names representing the location: Abram, Andrei, Boris, Viktor, Vladimir, Grigory, Dmitry, Yegor, Ivan, Igor, Nikita, Yakov. Males: Antonina, Vera, Valentina, Dina, Sofia, Emma, Nina, Elena

Gray Colors. Gray, Cloud, Dust, Haze, Steel, Onyx, Silver, Moonie, Grayson, Ashley, Misty, Shadow

Brown Colors: Auburn, Brownie, Chestnut, Chocolate, Nestle, Fudge, Hershey, Biscuit, Hazel, Rustie, Sandy

What did you name your hamster?

Of course, these names above are based on the features of the species itself. But names can derive from much more than that. What have you or are you planning to name your hamster?

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