Pet Grass

Bring the wilds to your hamster!

I'm always curious what's new and cool that I could add to my hamster supplies. Well, I ran into something called pet grass.

This particular brand actually consists of organic wheatgrass. You may have heard of it because it is widely consumed by people to detox.

Well many animals such as cats and dogs love them, too!

I know my dog instinctively loves eating the grass in our garden. It helps his digestive system. Hamsters aren't that different.

In the wilds, hamsters rely heavily on local vegetation for moisture, especially in drought areas. Something like grass would have supplemented their diet.

I also love the fact that the pet grass adds something natural to my hammy's environment. I love that it's another thing that he can sniff and play with.

How do you use it?

I don't want my hammy to eat only grass. His diet should be mostly his commercial feed. So I keep the tray outside the cage. When he plays, he can stuff his mouth with a supply and hoard his stash!

This grass is easy to plant and grows fast. It is also cheap, about $6 everything included. Overall, I think it's a great, healthy treat.

I hope you can try it, too!

Nom Nom

Here's a cute little video. This hammy really loves the wheatgrass. If you do decide to offer your hamster grass, start with just a few leaves at first.

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