Female Pet Hamster Names

Use these ideas to create a name for your sweetheart!

Need a name? Get creative with naming your female pet hamster...

Start Creatively

I always name my pets after something special that reflects their characteristics (i.e. a white coated American Eskimo named Icy). I'd never let my pets have a boring name! Make your pet name more special using your creativity.

My hammy is named Spider-ham because he used to love climbing all the way to the top of his 3 feet tall cage. (...And then he'd have no idea how to get back down. ;D) He'd look like Spider-man when climbing up the side of the cage that we named him Spider-ham.

female pet hamster names
CC Image courtesy of Shika Kaoin on Flickr

Naming Ideas

A strong female hamster's name demands something feminine, elegant, beautiful, yet bold. Here are some ideas:

Food: Pumpkin, Cupcake, Coco, Oreos, Cookie, Ginger, Mochi, Muffin, Brownie, Kiwi

Color: Amber, Goldie, Silver, Blues, Chestnut, Hazel, Jade, Pearl

Weather: Snowflakes, Icy, Sunny, Autumn, Mist, Moonlight, Rainbow, Rainy, Sunshine, Frosty

Foreign: Ling Ling, Sakura, Alika, Maya, Petite, Aurelia, Momo

Super Heroes: Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Storm, Raven, Shadow

Coat Patterns: Spotty, Spots, Wavy, Curls, Gray

Celebrities: Madonna, Demi, Whitney, Mariah, Britney

Honorifics: Mrs., Miss, Lady

Extra Feminine: Sweetie, Honey, Baby, Cutie, Girlie, Blossom

What have you named your Female Hamster?

Now that I've got your creative juices flowing, have you got some ideas for female pet hamster names? Post below your unique ideas for names and see others':

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