Introduction to Pet Hamster Breeding

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Hamsters have an amazing reproductive system. In nature, hamsters breed to preserve their species. In captivity, owners, however, will breed pet hamsters for more offsprings, temperment, coat colors, and sometimes, accidentally.

If you are thinking about breeding hamsters, you should research thoroughly to make sure the propers steps are taken. This page provides you key points.

  • I would recommend breeding only if you have takers ready for your hamster pups. Or have enough resources to home them yourself.
The Magic of Breeding Pet Hamsters
tips on breeding pet hamsters
Image courtesy of Heungsub Lee Flickr
Amazing Reproductive System
  • Hamsters have the shortest reproductive cycle of all eutherian mammals. Hamster pregnancy could be shorter than 18 days total.
  • Female hamsters can mate and become pregnant again on the same day, after giving birth.
  • Pregnant hamsters can delay the birth up to 9 days if the external conditions are not ideal. Of if she just gave birth to a previous bundle of pups.
  • Some pregnant hamsters will stop the pregnancy if the male hamster is not around. She does this because the outlook for her pups is dire without a father.
Encouraging breeding
  • They breed seasonally.
  • A female hamster will be receptive every 3-4 days in the breeding season.
  • If a hamster is unwilling to breed, she may behave aggressively towards the male. You will need to be present to remove the female.
  • They may be sensitive to light and may not breed with lights on.
  • They should be left alone to mate for an hour or more if receptive, depending on the species.
  • It may be hard to tell the signs of pregnancy. Generally, pregnant females will become very aggressive and territorial towards her nest. She will busily scavenge food and nest material for her soon-to-be pups.
  • A hamster giving birth cannot be disturbed. If it gets upset it will cannibalize her pups.
  • After birth giving, she may eat the placenta and will cover the pups with her body.

These key points are just a sampler of what is needed to prepare and go through breeding your pet hamsters. Definitely try to find a dedicated breeding book or experienced expert you know to give you the facts you need.

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