Pet Hamsters

How much do they cost?

Like I said many times before, pet hamsters are really affordable. From the initial purchase of a hamster to recurring supplies, the costs are low.

Their Price At Petco?!

This is an update! Sooo many people have asked for the price at Petco. I've answered the question in my FAQ section. But remember that the price does differ depending on where you are!

Below are three lists with the estimate price listed: one for essential items, one for really-great-to-have items, and for-fun items. Start with essential items and get a few things from the other lists along the way!

Essential Items

a three story tall cage for pet hamsters

Here are the rough amounts for items you need for a new hamster (last updated 2013):

Tips for finding/buying quality pet items

  • To save money, you can always try to adopt a free hamster and ask for left over hamster supplies.
  • Try making your own toys or healthy snacks for your pet hamsters once in a while instead of buying.
  • You can also find cheap second hand items, as well. Make sure the items aren't defect.
  • Get quality hard goods. I've gotten many questions regarding cheap starter cages falling apart. Unfortunately, pet owners have to waste money getting another more durable cage. So my advice is to get decent items the first time around!
Total Estimate: $176 yearly/$15 monthly

Semi-Essential Items

hamster feeds and mixes - forti diet and kaytee supreme for pet hamsters These are highly recommended items which won't inflate your hamster cost:

Total Estimate: $30

Hopefully, this gives you a ballpark of the amount you'll spend and allow you to take great care of your new pet hamster!

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