Best Plastic Hamster Cages Review

Plastic hamster cages are the most popular and wide in variety but may pose some headaches!

Pros: They're cool looking. Children seem to love the colors at least! They are meant to expand with plenty of tubes, wheel, and other accessories and may come with some included. They are usually the cheapest types of cage you can find. And because they're usually mostly closed, extra bedding and debris will not fall out the cage like wire cages.

Cons: There are many parts to assemble and clean. There can be cracks and loose ends after short duration. The accessories included are usually really poor quality.

Suggestion: Just be careful of the plastic cage you get. First time owners make the most mistakes with this type of cage. Check to make sure it's durable. And be prepare for replacing the poor accessories and spending more time cleaning!

Dwarf Hamster
Cage Chart
Price Space Quality Expansion Clean
Ovo's Habitrail Home Medium Small Durable Available Not Easy

The Habitrail is a plastic modular cage that I would recommend. On the market, there are many plastic cages from various companies. But most are poorly made and reviews from buyers warn of injuries and death caused by poor quality cages. Indeed, I don't want to recommend something like that even if the price is a bit cheaper.

The Habitrail is durable, safe, allows for plenty of expansion to increase room, and moderately priced. Children can help clean the cage since the parts are light to carry. I noticed that the same item at Amazon can be twice the price at other stores so Amazon is my choice.

See Habitrail Ovo Home, Pink Edition

Note that this cage is small which means you hamster may become bored or stressed. Allow your hamster to play outside the cage every day and the extension tubes are a nice feature! This brand has a lot of cool accessories. Check them out!

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