Robo Dwarf Hamster Names

Choose a name for one of the most popular hamster species!

Robo Dwarf Hamsters are small, speedy, and so playful. Let's see what names we can come up with for them!

Roborovski Dwarf Characteristics

Robos Hamsters are so popular. But that's no surprised considering how cute they are! They are the smallest hamster species. They have distinct white patches above the eyes and a mottled coat.

They are also speed-freaks! They love jumping and They generally enjoy being with other Robo hamsters. Like the Russian/Campbells and Chinese Hamsters, their natural color is brown and gray.

Here are some names that may be specific to the look of the Roborovskis and their physicality.

robo dwarf hamster

Small Hamster Names: Tiny, Fur Ball, Itsy-Bitsy, Mini, Pee Wee, Roundy, Baby

Speed Related Names: Speedy Gonzales, Speedy, Speedster, Rocket, Jet, Blur, Buzz, Tag, Jumpie

Spots: Whitie, Spots, Patches, Fuzzy

Colors: For color related names, visit the Color Names page or visit either the Chinese Pet Names page or Russian Pet Names page.

What Are your ideas for Robo hamster names?

Hopefully, the lists above to inspire some cool names for your pet if you're stuck! If you already have a Robo, post your his or her name below. Tell us why you choose this name.

Tell us other names that you'll consider for future Robos or want to share with other visitors who are trying to name their pets!

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