Roborovski Hamsters

The Most "-est" Hamster

This itty-bitty sized, Roborovski Hamsters are one of the most popular pet hamsters. It is the smallest, healthiest, fastest, jumpiest, and a whole bunch of other "-ests". It's definitely a hamster hard to resist!

Size and Shape. Robos are the smallest hamster, about 2 inches total. That's pretty small, about half or less the size of a Syrian Hamster. They are more round and barrel shaped than the other hamsters that are more elongated. They can also look more baby-like, with a larger head to body ratio.

Coat. Their normal coat is a brown or gray base. It is also mixed with white and black fur. Their underside side is white with pink nose, paws, and tail. They don't have a dorsal stripe like the others. But they do have a little white patch of fur above their eyes.

roborovski hamsters

Other Coats. The Robo doesn't have as many exotic coats like the others. You can find "white-face" Robos where their faces are all white. Or you may find Robos with a Ticked coat pattern or Platinum coat texture.

Ticked fur means that the base or shaft of a hair is a deeper color and towards the end of the hair is a lighter color. Most of the colored fur is this way. So you'll see that the Robo fur with a lighter sheen when it reflects the light.

Platinum is a little different. Strands of white hair are even spread out on the body causing the natural color to dillute with white hairs.

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