Russian Dwarf Hamsters

Also known as the Campbell Hamster!

Russian Dwarf Hamsters look like Winter Whites. But you can find them in an impressive variety of exotic colors!

Normal Coat. Campbells are normally found in brown to gray fur on the back. Their undersides are white. Their paws, nose, and tail are pink. Their eyes are black. They also have a dark dorsal stripe down its back.

Exotic Coat Colors. Campbells are breed to many different colors including: albino, argente, opal, dark sable, white.

(Sometimes it seems nature has worked everything out! An all white Campbell hamster (albino) looks just like a Winter White in its winter coat. However, an albino Campbell will have red eyes! This is a way to differentiate from the black-eyed Winter White in winter coat.)

russian dwarf hamsters

Color Patterns. Campbells can have different color patterns: platinum and mottled. A platinum hamster is a colored hamster with white hairs spread out, diluting the natural color. A mottled hamster is a hamster with white patches of fur where color fur should have been.

Coat Textures. Campbells can also have different coat textures as well: Satin, temporary Rex, and Rex whiskers. Satin fur is soft but also may have a glossy or greasy look. Rex fur or whiskers are curly fur which is considered rare. Hamsters with temporary Rex will grow out of curly fur.

Size & Shape. A Campbell is the same size and shape as a Winter White: 3 to 4 inches and barrel shaped.

If you aspire to become a exotic hamster breeder, this is a great hamster species to start with! You may have trouble finding these exotic colors, patterns, and textures are a local pet shop though. Find a local hamster breeder instead!

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