Siberian Dwarf Hamster

The Dual Look

I always think the Siberian Dwarf Hamsters are very pure and prince or princess like. They are the only pet hamster that will change colors after all. Their dual coats are like getting two hamsters for one! :D

The Winter Coat. The winter coat takes affect due to temperature drop and lack of exposure to light. Reducing exposure to light may bring the white coat sooner and last longer. This affect is probably a survival mechanism to camoflage in the snowy winter. This change can begin as early as September and will revert back in March.

Regular Coat. In other months of the year, a Winter White hamster looks just like a Campbell. The fur on their backs are a dark gray with an even darker dorsal stripe. The underside is white like other dwarf hamsters. A Winter White may also have many "normal" base colors.

siberian dwarf hamster

Varient Coat Colors. Instead of the most common gray color, many hamster breeders will breed for special colors. Here are some recognized Winter White coat colors: blue sapphire, purple sapphire, and pearl. Their eyes are black. Their paws, tail, and nose are pink.

Size & Shape. Winter Whites are barrel shaped, thick all around. They can curl up like a ball. They are about 3-4 inches long. They have a short, stubby tail. These hamsters tend to move slowly.

These hamsters are such sweeties. They have a modest temper and are so darn cute. Don't you want to bring one home?

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