Siberian Dwarf Hamsters

Winter White Hamsters!

The Siberian Dwarf Hamsters are hamsters that will turn white in winter. This page is dedicated of their normal, non-winter coat. For their Winter White coat, see this page.

Pictures and Videos

Siberian hamsters are one of hamster fanciers' favorite species. Send in your pictures of your pet hamsters on this page. Click on the picture to enlarge picture and videos!

siberian hamsters
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You just gotta love a hamster that doesn't let the world turning upside down stop him from chewing. Very cute.
Okay, we admit it. Our favorite videos are always the pup videos. It's just 23 seconds of pure cuteness.

In Detail

Shape: These hamsters have the typical barrel shape. They are round and fluffy like a snowflake.
Length: 4 inches total
Agouti Coat: Their natural coat is very similar to Campbell's: grayish-brown on my back and white on bottom. Many people like this hamster because of their special ability to change into white. But their natural color is alluring in its own way!
Markings: They have a thicker dorsal stripe than Campbell.(A dorsal stripe is a line of dark fur running down the length of the hamster's back.)
Other Coat Colors: In the winter their coat turns white due to temperature change. Winter whites are also have blue sapphire, purple sapphire, or pearl coats.
Color Patterns: n/a
Coat Textures: n/a

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