Best Super Pet Cages Review

Super Pet offers a range of hamster supplies! From tubes to toys, they've got it covered.

Super Pet cages, also known as Crittertrail, in particular dominate a good portion of the hamster cage market. It's a good idea to check out what they have if you're planning to get a cage yourself.

(Note: I am not paid to write this or affiliated with Super Pet.)

Crittertrail Cages

Let's face it, Crittertrails have their flaws. Their weak wheel and flimsy bottle made undermine their overall product. But luckily those cage accessories can be replaced with more sturdy ones. The cage itself is affordable and durable.

See Ware Manufacturing Critter Universe Small Pet Expanded Cage System

This cage to the right is my favorite Super Pet cage. I like the multilevel which may provide more room for my hamster to hide stuff and explore. The bases are easy to clean plastic. There are also inserts meant for tubing. Overall this is a respectable cage with 4/5 rating on Amazon.

Cage Accessories

The first thing I would do if I got a Super Pet cage is get a new wheel and two water bottles (nothing wrong with being safe!). These items are cheap and you don't have to get them from Super Pet.

However, Super Pet does offer a few other really cool hamster accessories. The tubes for example are really indispensible for hamster cages. Not only are they fun for hamsters, they're fun for the ones putting them together, too.

See Super Pet CritterTrail Fun-nels Assorted Tubes

The more packs of these tubes, the more creative you can get with your design!

A charming little hut called Puzzle Playground Junglegym also brings joy inside the cage. It could double on as a maze and hideaway for your hamster. It's so cute, it adds life to any habitat!

See Super Pet Puzzle Playground, 42-Piece

More Toys

Hamster don't want to stay in their cages all day long. They love getting out and sniffing up the world!

The hamster ball allows your hamster to roam around the house or outdoors (limit the time though to give your hamster enough rest). The ball protects your hamster but also protects your valuables from your hamster, too.

See Ware Roll-N-Around Small Pet Toy, Mini

My hamster always gets stuck somewhere while exploring in his ball. A hamster trac keeps him or her mobile. And you can also use it when you want to keep him or her close by.

So here are my favorite Super Pet products! Their products gives you a wide selection to cover most of your hamster needs. Of course, there are more great products but I like to keep it simple. When in doubt, try to give your hamster plenty of space in the cage and also time to spend outside, too!

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