Super Pet Chinchilla Bath Sand

Oh, what a treat! When I want to pamper my Spider-ham, I turn to the Super Pet Chinchilla Bath Sand. Okay, it says its for Chinchillas but it actually works wonders for hamsters, too!

(This may help if your cage is stinky. But to deal with the smell, clean the cage more often. Hamsters are naturally odorless. What's causing the stink is the excretments.)

How does this stuff work?

First of all, if you're bathing your hamster with water and soap (ouch!), don't do that anymore! Your hamster may catch cold. They could also lose their essential oils.

If you're hammy has long hair as in tangled you can keep it clean with some light brushing.

In the wilds, hamster don't bathe in puddles or whatnot. Instead they keep clean themselves. And when they can, they would dust off from sand. The sand helps wick the coat from other dirt.

super pet chinchilla bath sand

What to get

Get the Super Pet Chinchilla Bath Sand and not the "bath dust" or "bath powder". Fine particles will cause respiratory issues for hammies.

Particular formulated pumice sand is safe for regular use. Any other sand, whether normal playground sand, or baked sand are not recommended.

Hamster's don't need to use baths that often. A box can last a while so just get the real stuff and stay worry free!

See Kaytee Chinchilla Dust, 2 Pounds 8 ounces Jar

Directions for use

Some stores will sell your special bath containers but that's not necessary. Follow these easy directions:
  1. Find a clear container (plastic cup etc.) that is not too tight for your hamster to be inside.
  2. Put in 1/2 cup of sand.
  3. Place your hamster in
  4. Cover the top loosely so there's room to breathe but the sand will not get thrown out (i.e. use a plastic/paper plate to cover container)
  5. Watch your hamster enjoy itself!
  6. Remove hamster after 10 minutes or when he or she is done
For a domestic home, a sand bath is a real treat!

You can keep the container in so your hamster can have more baths are their leisure. But you'll have to throw the sand away when your pet defecates on it.

Or you can just keep the sand outside the cage and bring your hammy to it once a week. Obviously the sand will keep fresh longer this way.

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