Super Pet Hamster Potty

Let's face it, cleaning your hamster cage isn't exactly on the top of your fun list. But the Super Pet Hamster Potty makes it much more pleasant!

Super Pet's Potty is a common potty. But you make your own hamster potty following the same principals.

There are three components to a hamster potty:

  • the potty house
  • the litter
  • and scoop (optional)

How it Works

First you set the hamster potty in the corner where your hamster defecates the most. Place the potty house there and fill with litter.

The litter has a certain smell that will induce your hamster to defecate at that spot.

Clean your cage as usual. The hamster potty just helps concentrate the waste in a certain spot. It'll make it easier for everyday cleaning as well as in the long term.

Super Pet Hamster Potty


The hamster potty is cheap, under $10. But any brand will do such as this hamster outpost housing that I use:

Super Pet Hamster Potty

Or this simplier corner potty that doesn't include a top cover but works just fine:

Super Pet Hamster Potty
Or you can even use household items such as a dish, or plastic lid. As long as you has some sort of container that will hold the litter and is easy to clean, you can use that.

A partner to the potty is the potty litter, of course. You'll need a supply of this and you'll want to change it now and then to keep it fresh.

Super Pet Hamster Potty

Some say that you don't need litter at all. Just scoop your hamster's waste into the housing and your hamster will learn to go there in time.

Whichever way you choose, happy cleaning!

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