Super Pet Play Tunnel

The Super Pet Play Tunnel is a very popular cage accessory because of its versatile uses and cute look.

The Play Tunnel is particularly good with large wire cages. It can expand the usable space in the cage by becoming a makeshift or hanging second level. It could be a bridge and slide if placed diagonally.

And, of course, it does a great job doubling on as a hideout for your hamster to doze off, too!

Super Pet Play Tunnel

Keep Your Play Tunnel In Shape

While the Play Tunnel is cute and just $5 to $10 bucks, there may be a few reasons to deter you from getting one:
  • it will get dirty
  • it will be chewed up by your hamster

Wash It Up. To keep it clean, just give it a wash every two week. Your hamsters usually will urinate only in their designated spot. They don't like to pee around where they sleep or eat. So a hand/glove wash a week should do the trick.

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Sew It Up. It's cloth, so if it tears, just sew it back. Easy peasy.

Recycle Your Play Tunnel

When your Play Tunnel just becomes beyond repair, save the ends with the hooks. Follow these steps to make your own new Play Tunnel!

  1. Save the hooks from your old Play Tunnel. If there's string left on the hook, keep it.

  2. Super Pet Play Tunnel
  3. Find a old shirt you don't want.
  4. Cut off the sleeves.
  5. Sew the strings with the hooks onto the sleeve.
  6. Cut a slit on top of tunnel for your hamster to peek out.
  7. Save the shirt for more play tunnels later!

This is a fun little project you can do with children. You can also make your own Play Tunnel from scratch. You can get a new roll of cloth and metal hooks from a craft store.

Get creative and use all kinds of materials to create your tunnel with such as a cardboard toilet roll. The possibilities are endless!

Add a hanging tunnel to your hamster cage today!

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