Dalmatian Syrian Hamster

"I see spots!"

The Dalmatian Syrian Hamster is a white based hamster with spots like the Dalmatian canines!

Coat. The typical dalmatian coat includes a white hamster with small dots of black on the back. The Dalmatians are different from the Panda Bear which is also a combination of black and white. The Dalmatian has small little, black spots, mostly spread out, on the white fur.

The coat may extend from the head, down the back, and to the sides of the body. Typically the under side of the hamster is still in white.

Exotic. Dalmatian Hamsters are rarer to find than the other hamster coats. Perhaps that perfect arrangement of spots are just hard to reproduce. Or perhaps, they are hard to find in a pair to breed in the first place. If you like these hamsters, just know that you might have trouble finding them at pet stores and even with local breeders. If you do find breeders that are trying to breed them, stay in contact and check them up every-fo-often. They go fast!

Colors. There are other colorations that may be included as dalmatians. Some hamsters may also have larger spots than the one featured in the video. But the most traditional Dalmatian Hamster has small black spots, on white fur.

Conclusion. Dalmatians are very special. They are rarer hamsters and very cute. I'd love to see more of them breeded. Let me know where you got yours!

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