Hairless Syrian Hamsters

A Unique Creature

Hairless Syrian Hamsters are actually the lack of a coat. These hamsters are hairless due to a genetic disorder. Sometimes these hamsters may be sought after.

Hairless Gene. The hairless gene occurs when a rare mutation occurs. Only parents with the hairless gene already will spawn hairless hamster pups. So it is suggested that the hamsters carrying that gene are not to be breed.

Side Effects. Hamsters carrying this gene may live half as long as normal hamsters. They lack whiskers which is a major tool in helping hamsters with poor eyesight to navigate their surroundings. They feel colder without a coat to insulate. And females, if they gave birth, are unable to provide milk for their pups. (Pups cannot eat solid foods so a surrogate mom may be needed.) A special ointment is needed is massage in their skin.

Looks. Most people are a little turned off by the hairless look but some people find it very rare and exotic. (The lack of hair will not minimize those with allergies!) The shape and size of the hamster itself does not change.

Conclusion. These hamsters are definitely different from the other hamsters. If someone breeds a hairless hamster without intending to, please do not despise them. They deserve just the same love and best quality of life.

I can't imagine any pet store selling these hamsters as that is definitely considered unethical. I would suggest to stay away from anyone trying to breed Hairless Hamsters on purpose, too.

These creatures are more for us to admire than to own ourselves. :(

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