Taking Care of Hamster Chores

Your easy to-do list

Every hamster fan enjoys taking care of hamster chores because it's so easy and sometimes even fun! This list below will help guide you to do all the right things to keep your hamster safe, healthy, and happy.


I love adding things to my calendar especially if a "chore" only occurs every few weeks. Consider creating one for special events and place print out of it near your hamster!

Things to do daily

  • Leave a portion of food for your hamster every evening. You can leave extra but your hamster will just keep it around in its nest and let it get old. If you're feeding your hamster treats, you can track it too.
  • Play with hamsters daily maybe 15+ minutes. More when you're first starting off.
  • Training your hamsters to learn your commands.
  • Hamsters will urinate in one corner of the cage. Find the wet bedding in that corner and throw away. Replace with clean bedding. Do this daily.

Taking Care of Your Hamster is Easy
taking care of hamster chores

Things to do weekly or less

  • Clean your hamster's cage weekly.
    1. Keep you hamster safe such as in a hamster ball or a carrier/starter cage.
    2. I would wear rubber gloves just for my hamster.
    3. Disassemble cage and throw out bedding, old food, etc. (you can save just a small, clean handful of old bedding)
    4. Wash the hamster cage, preferrably with some kind of non-toxic soap. I do this in the backyard and let it air dry.
    5. Wash and dry the toys and anything that touches the hamster too.
    6. Check the water bottle to make sure it's not plugged. Wash and refill.
    7. Assemble cage.
    8. Refill with fresh bedding with that one handful of old bedding. Mix and pat down.
    9. Put all the toys back in and your hamster.
    10. Clean and wash hands!
  • Check your hamster's health when you're playing or cleaning its cage. Check the feet, under the fur, teeth, eyes, etc.
  • Give your hamster a bath maybe every 2 weeks.
  • Buy food and mark down expiration dates. Mark down other supplies you may need like bedding, treats, toys, etc.
  • If you're planning to breed, follow the breeding schedule.


Here are simple ways to taking care of hamster chores. I said it was easy right? Just keep a schedule, and you things will be easy-peasy!

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