Meet the Teddy Bear Hamster!

Also Known As the Syrian Hamster

Meet the Teddy Bear Hamster, AKA Syrian Hamster. Teddy Bears are the first hamsters to hit the pet market. After their wide success, the dwarf hamsters were introduced.

Syrian hamsters are larger than the dwarf hamsters. The have the most comprehensive coat variations. They are calm and easy to handle. But they also like their own space and time alone from both humans and other hamsters. If you want more than one hamster, you really need to consider getting a cage for each Syrian hamster.

Health. Teddy Bears usually live around 3 years. They are prone to getting both diabetes and cancer.

Breeding. They are active around 7PM. They will breed 3 to 4 times a year and usually produce large litters. If you're planning to breed and hoping to get the largest litter, Syrians may have a dozen pups a litter.

A Syrian "Teddy Bear" Hamstergolden teddy bear hamster with white band

Social. They are solitary hamsters unlike most of the other hamsters and are highly territorial. Keeping them with other hamsters will cause them to stress out and weaken their immune system. They should be kept alone or provided with a huge cage. They can be tamed with practice to be friendly to humans.

Want to Learn More?

Syrian Hamsters have the most different hair colors, patterns, and textures. If you are looking for a rare or special coat type, the Syrians may be a great pet to start with!

Exotic Hamster Coats: Golden / Panda Bear / Black Bear / Dalmatian / Long Haired / Hairless
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Visitor Recommendations

Chuck Heslip 
This is the newest addition to our wonderful family.... His name is Chuck and we love him so much

Very smart, adorable, calm/playful animal & easy to care for. Many joys from this baby with proper care & love. I will never be without a teddy bear hammie …

Best small animals  Not rated yet
My Countess (full name Ada, Countess Lovelace - google her if you don't know who that is) AKA Bear is a delight. Apart from a penchant cake and a dangerously …

not for children Not rated yet
Because they have a tendency to get tired of their owner and children don't understand that the hamster getting irritated or upset which could lead to …

Yes Not rated yet
Because they are so fun to play with it doesn't hurt when they bite just make sure to hold it before you by it they warm up fast and early out of your …

Highly recommend!! Not rated yet
My Baxter is sweet and lovable. He has never bit and warmed up to me super fast. Now he comes out when he hears me get up in the morning or come home from …

Sure, they're fine, but they are boring so they suck Not rated yet
They are fine, but always bite me, they sometimes hibernate, and every time mine did, i had a breakdown, because I thought she was dead :( she is still …

barry Not rated yet
I bought my hamster call him Barry hes 4 years and 4 month old Na

Definitely! Not rated yet
I work at a pet store and love, love, love animals, so I'm sorry if this is a bit long. I have two Syrian hamsters (a male and a female). Timmy is …

Yes! Not rated yet
They are so much fun to watch grow and do every day activities. I love my Dorothy and Anastasia!

Absolutely! Not rated yet
Penelopes is one of the most amazing pets I've ever owned. She's amazing, we spent a lot of time with her when we first got her so she'd be tamed. Now …

yes Not rated yet
I will want to get it today

yes! Not rated yet
They are probably the most easiest hamster to look after! Definitely, recommend to first pet owners.

Love my black bear Hamster Not rated yet
He has quite the little personality, and is very smart.

Princess Penelope Saddlebags Not rated yet
She is a cute black bear hamster !

I 100% Recommend Syrian Hamsters Not rated yet
Syrian hamsters are one of the sweetest species of hamsters. Easier to handle and fun to have. They are bigger in size so they are easier to find if lost …

I recommend dwarf hamsters  Not rated yet
I had a teddy bear hamster and it was not very friendly it bit a lot. You should get a dwarf and may i recommend pet co.

Buy one!!!! says rach Not rated yet
great pet!!!! i love my paws! - rach liz and nicky alex yay

My recommendation for beginner is the amazing teddy bear hamster Not rated yet
There are so adorable,sweet and loyal. One time my teddy bear hamster got out and I was depressed until I sat on my bed and cried and then I felt something …

sure Not rated yet
Mine bit me as soon as I got it out of the box, that hurt like a mother fudged c: other than that they're adorable and soft! :D

yes they look soooo cute i would recemmend teddy bear hamster over any other i love hamsters!!!! Not rated yet
What's there to reason about? Hamsters are cute and funny. They are the best pets no matter if they die in a couple of years. It is worth keeping to make …

Teddy Not rated yet
I love this Teddy.

love our teddy bear! Not rated yet
She is so sweet and funny. She loves to climb on the top of her cage and hang upside down. We call her spider hamster (even though her name is Honey)

If you are getting a hamster you should really just get the teddy bear hamster Not rated yet
You should get one because they are really nice. They love people and they will let you hold them for hours. They are active hamsters but not too active. …

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Teddy Bears rock! Not rated yet
I adopted my Teddy Bear half a year old and untamed. Even then, it was so gentle and friendly. It is always curious and fun to watch. I like how Syrians …

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