Long Haired Teddy Bear Hamsters

Fluffy, Dressy, Long Fur Coats

The Long-Haired Teddy Bear Hamsters are Syrian hamsters with longer than normal hair. This long hair gene can appear with any coloration, pattern, and textures.

Long Hair. This type of hair can appear in combination of any type of hair color, pattern, and texture. It is a special type of hair that breeders managed to bring out by breeding two hamsters with long haired genes. Today, it is not difficult to find a hamster of the long haired variety.

Long Hair Mix. Some hamsters can have some signs of long hair but not completely. Some may have it towards the rear end of the body giving the hamster a "skirt". These mixes are not uncommon as there are so many long haired hamsters now. You may still need to contact a local breeder though since pet stores may not have them.

Long Haired Teddy Bear Hamster
long haired teddy bear hamsters

Care & Styling. The long hair could be left alone. In this case, the fur may sprout in all directions and give the hamster a really puffy look. Some people really like this look and that's fine.

Others like a more prestine look and will comb the hair. To do so, they can simply use a toothbrush and softly brush the hair. This also helps in removing any bedding or stuff caught on the fur.

Conclusion. These hamsters are special and just takes a little more care than the normal, short haired variety. Do they catch your fancy?

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