Ten Cool Things About The Hamsters!

Hamsters are perfect for budget conscious, time constraint, but furry loving people like you and me. Here are the top 10 "cools" the hamsters can offer you.

10. Furry is the way to go!

My family has always had a variety of pets in our city house. From fishes, cats, dogs, spider, birds, to chicks, I can't remember a time when we didn't have some sort of pet. But furry animals are still the best because we love holding and petting them.

When you think of a pet, do you imagine something furry? Warm, fluffy, and cuddly are traits we simply can't resist!

9. Breeding Mania

Breeding is a popular hobby amongst hamster owners partly because hamsters breed often (avg. 3-4 times a year).

Breeders improve on temperment and special coats. It's a craft that leaves breeders beaming with pride. Would this be something you're interested in?

8. No Odor

No one likes having smelly hands after handling their pets! Hamsters are naturally odorless which contrasts with the musky odor other pets may have.

Spider-ham looking mighty fine!
best of the hamsters

Hamsters are fastidious cleaners. We sometimes joke that the hamsters are obsessive compulsives. They love piling up their food in one area, urinate in another corner, and constantly groom themselves.

If you scoop out the urine spots daily and flush out the cage once a week, you won't find any smells. That's an important time saver on the long run.

7. Crowd Pleaser

Everytime guests go to my parents' house, the dogs will bark with excitement and territorially. This is an awkward welcome for guests.

At my house, guests don't even notice the hamster. When they do, they don't feel intimidated to handle it gently because they're tiny. The adults like them, but the kids, really love them. Would you benefit from a friendly pet like a hamster?

6. Compact

Even with just the two of us in a house, we never seem to have enough space. Hamsters take up only a few feet of space which consists mainly of the cage and supplies.

They're great for people living in small city apartments or dorm rooms. You get the benefit of having a pet without sacrificing living space. No wonder hamsters are really popular in New York!

5. Self Entertaining

I've lived with dogs throughout my life. I absolutely love them. But I hated having to walk them in the rain, in the cold, when I didn't want to be walked. You know that groggy feeling I'm talking about?

On those lazy days I can truly appreciate a hamster that would exercise and play on its own. I usually spend 30 mins a day playing with Spiderham. He busies himself with duties the rest of the time. No obligation or feeling guilty.

4. Low Maintenance

In addition to self-exercising, hamsters require little maintenance. They sleep most of the day time and wake in the evening when you're back from work or school. We just have to remember to refill the water bottle and food, play with him, and clean his cage.

Sometimes people can end up slaving over their pets. Hamsters take minimal work to keep safe, clean, happy, and healthy. Now that'll make you a happy pet owner.

3. So Cute

The hamster's cute shape and face is one of the best features about it. Its chubby, mini-bearlike shape. Its round head and very short tail. And it's often very silly facial expression is magical just by itself.

2. Affordable

Everyone is trying to save a buck or two here and there. Hamsters are smart pet choices. Not only do they take little maintenance, they are cheap to buy and keep, too.

After buying the initial cage and pet. Your budget is then reduced to food, bedding, and toys which can come cheap or homemade as well. Wouldn't you love saving hundreds of dollars?

1. Companionship

Ultimately, you're getting a pet for companionship. Hamsters are simple creatures so you won't likely train it to do arcobats for you. But they're fun to watch and play with. You still have to earn their trust and be patient like any other pet. Love them and you'll be loved in return!

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