We love our Russian

by Marva
(Hesperia Michigan)

Grabbing a treat from the string

Grabbing a treat from the string

Hammy,we never knew whether was a boy or girl, but he was a very sociable hamster. He would come to the edge of his cage. We kept him in the family room so he would be with us all. Whenever one of us sat in the chair next to his cage,when he was awake, he would go up and down the rails till one of us gave him a seed. He loved his seeds and always ate them first from his food cup.

He liked to be held and wasn't a biter. Hammy many times would come to his door to be taken out and be held. As I'm writing this Hammy is in the last days,hours,minutes of his life. Only God knows, but he is failing. He has been the best hamster. We have had him nearly 2 years so it's been a good run. We will miss him.

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