Winter White Hamster Names

Names for your Winter White

Here are some inspiration for Winter White hamster names.

Winter White Dwarf Characteristics

Winter Whites, also known as, Siberian hamsters are the only pet hamsters who's coat color changes to all white during the winter. The coat color reverts back to it's normal color come spring which is usually dark gray.

Winter Whites have a dorsal stripe. They look very similar to the Campbell hamsters: barrel shaped, gray, and soft and round all over.

Here are some names that fits the Winter White:

All White Coat Names: Snow, Snowball, Snowflakes, Snowcone, Pearl, Snow Queen (or King), Whitie, Ghost, Marshmallow, Snow White, Sugar, Cotton, Frosty, Winter

winter white hamster

Gray Coat Names: For the natural gray coat names, visit the Color Names page or visit either the Chinese Pet Names page or Russian Pet Names page.

Winter Season Names: Winter, Primrose, Yule, North, Missy, Misty, Oakley, Blaze, Ice, Storm, Frost, Darke, Sparkle, Ivy, Coco, Mittens

Round Shape Names: Cuddly, Cuddles, Ballie, Baby, Fur Ball

What does your winter white name list look like?

The Winter Whites are so adorable, they deserve a cute name to go with them. What names that you thought of or used for your hamster? Share your names below and tell us why you like it!

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